Water Infrastructure

The production, storage and distribution of potable water, whilst never more critical to our way of life, is increasingly recognised for its potential environmental impacts. frc environmental has the depth of understanding and experience to support responsible infrastructure planning and confident action.

frc environmental has played a key role in the development of desalination and re-usable water infrastructure; in the construction and operation of dams and weirs; and in the design and construction of inter-basin pipelines. In fact, frc environmental was the only aquatic ecosystems consultant appointed by Queensland Water Infrastructure and SunWater to work on all five of the south-east and central Queensland’s major capture water infrastructure projects this decade: the proposed Traveston Crossing Dam, Wyaralong Dam, Connors River Dam, Nathan Dam and Fitzroy Weir; and the major pipelines serving the central Queensland coal fields.

Whether it is the coastal waters of NSW, ephemeral streams of the Queensland outback, or the fast-flowing waters of the Tasmanian high country, frc environmental‘s ecologists offer an in-depth understanding of ecosystems, species and habitats of conservational significance. Our knowledge of key species and of their environmental tolerances enables us to provide robust, site-specific advice, enabling our clients to optimise design, construction and operation, and to progress with confidence.

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