Effluent Infrastructure

frc environmental‘s deep understanding of water-sediment-biota nutrient dynamics underpins our delivery of clear, insightful analysis of effluent-related impacts and practical management advice.

The discharge of treated sewage effluent to either riverine or coastal waters impacts water quality, by elevating turbidity and concentrations of nutrients and pollutants. This can affect phytoplankton and macrophyte communities, benthic infaunal community structure, the health and diversity of coral communities, and ultimately fishes, turtles and dugong.

The effective consideration of effluent-related impacts requires an understanding of the character of the effluent, the behavior of the receiving environment and the ecology of aquatic flora and fauna. For over twenty-five years, our team of highly qualified ecologists and environmental scientists have used a diverse range of techniques to deliver to our clients the clarity of understanding, essential to support confident action.

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