Ports & Maritime Operations

frc environmental has over twenty-five years of continuous experience supporting the effective design and management of port and maritime infrastructure, both in Australia and internationally.

frc environmental is able to effectively support the development of ports and maritime infrastructure, drawing upon an in-depth understanding of the distribution, ecology and conservation significance of the flora and fauna of soft-sediment embayments, rocky shores and fringing coral reefs.

Our capacity to conduct both qualitative and quantitative surveys is second to none; we operate our own vessels, have a team of ADAS-certified commercial/scientific divers and can deploy a range of photographic equipment, corers, grabs, traps and nets.  Further, our field team leaders are empowered to work with clients, reviewing and refining methodologies in light of ‘issues of the day’; field realities are acknowledged, decisions get made and the job is done safely and efficiently.

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