Government at every level is increasingly expected to lead effective and responsible environmental management. There are few responsibilities of government today that don’t have an environmental dimension.

frc environmental has worked with federal and state government agencies as well as urban, regional and remote area local authorities to support the development of environmental strategies and to achieve practical, cost-effective environmental management.

Over the past two decades, frc environmental has worked with government on a range of issues including:

  • managing fisheries
  • assessing waste water impacts
  • selecting marine protected areas
  • assessing and protecting wetlands
  • assessing and restoring habitat
  • controlling mosquito and biting midge
  • designing and undertaking sediment sampling and analysis for;

– dredging

– beach nourishment

– and effective buffering of waterways

  • managing environmental flows, and
  • managing town planning.

We understand that agencies typically have a sound understanding of the issues and are keen to contribute to the development of strategy and solution. Whilst always happy to take on stand-alone projects, frc environmental promotes a partnering model of engagement, where-by an agency is able to effectively leverage its in-house expertise and experience.

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