After 40 years as frc environmental, we are now SLR. Global leaders in full-spectrum sustainability solutions: providing clients with strategic advice and on the ground technical support, partnering with them in Making Sustainability Happen. To learn more about SLR, you can visit our website.

frc environmental was founded in 1984 (as Fisheries Research Consultants) by Dr John Thorogood. Carol Conacher joined the Practice as a Principal in 1996. Both John and Carol maintain a 'hands-on' involvement with projects undertaken by the practice.

frc environmental's scientists are recognised experts in their field, and together make us the consultancy of choice when it comes to issues related to coastal, riverine and riparian ecosystems. Their outstanding academic qualifications, professionalism and commitment to their work, make us the envy of our competitors. Critically, each ecologist and environmental scientist at frc environmental knows good science isn't enough: we need to communicate the significance of results to our clients.

Our business development team and administrative team share the commitment and enthusiasm of our scientists and appreciate their performance is vital to our ability to exceed client expectations.

Our investment in administrative and project management systems enable our scientists to work efficiently to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Our Senior Team 

Managing Principal

Dr John Thorogood

Managing Principal


Carol Conacher

Principal | Wetlands


Dr Ben Cook

Principal | Freshwater
B.Ap.Sc (Hons I), Ph.D.

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