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frc environmental specialises in aquatic environments: freshwater, estuarine and marine.

If it involves water, it involves frc environmental.

The combined breadth and depth of our experience and understanding as aquatic ecologists provides the foundations for practical and effective ecosystems and biodiversity management: the ‘high ground’ from which to support confident project planning, reporting and the attainment of permits and licenses.

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Ecosystem and Biodiversity Management

• Baseline studies and monitoring to support effective environmental management
• Monitoring ecosystem health using agency comparable, statistically rigorous methods
• Use of stable isotopes and benthic community structure to map effluent dispersal
• Bioassay modelling of flora and fauna tolerance to contaminants
• Sustainable operation of dams, weirs and hydroelectric plants
• Blue-green algae risk assessment and management
• Wetland rehabilitation and monitoring
• Constructed wetland design to achieve positive,
• Demonstrable ecological outcomes
• Assessment, monitoring and management of mosquitoes and biting midge
• Introduced aquatic pest and weed monitoring and management
• Fish, crustacean and turtle surveys
• Backpack and boat electrofishing
• Artificial reefs and coral translocation
• Oil spill assessment, management and monitoring
• Dredge and spoil deposition – design/implement action of biological, sediment and water quality monitoring
• Stream diversion, habitat restoration and fish passage
• Fisheries and fish habitat management and rehabilitation
• Groundwater fauna (stygofauna)

Planning & Permitting

• Comprehensive catchment, wetlands and waterways studies
• Coastal zone and riparian management – understanding environmental values
• Site opportunity and constraints analysis using focused survey and critical experience
• Review of Environmental Factors, EIS and EIA studies and reporting – rigour, experience and understanding
• Environmental Management Plans – practical and cost-effective
• Fisheries values assessment and compensatory habitat planning
• EPBC Act self-referral – providing legal certainty
• Riparian buffers to achieve ecological function and maximise development yield
• Climate change and sea level rise – impacts on coastal planning and aquatic biodiversity
• River Operation Plans and Receiving Environment Monitoring Programs
• Environmental toxicology

Expert Witness

25 years experience in:

• Planning and Environment Court matters

• Environmental directions and prosecutions

Laboratory Services

frc environmental‘s purpose built bio-laboratory enables us to offer a comprehensive range of services, with rapid turn-around and full quality assurance / quality control.  Our specialists can transform samples into meaningful, clearly articulated results that add value to our clients’ reporting and provide them with the information that can directly support confident environmental management.

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Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROV)

frc environmental partners with ROV Innovations to provide high definition underwater video and still images and the capacity to collect samples from where divers can’t go. Either as a stand-alone solution to data acquisition, or teamed with divers, ROV Innovation’s range of advanced ROVs offer proven safety and efficiency benefits. The partnership combines leading edge technologies with extensive expertise and experience; delivering our clients the optimal solution, rather than a solution based on ‘what we have on the shelf’. Teaming ROV Innovations’ experienced pilots with frc environmental’s industry-leading ecologists ensures that data gathering is both focused and efficient.