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Mining, Oil & Gas

From business case to product shipment, frc environmental provides the experience, insight and expertise to help our clients achieve reduced lead times, increased productivity and cost-effective compliance with environmental regulation.

We understand mining, oil and gas production; their sheer scale and complexity. We understand what even a few days of downtime can cost, and why getting it right the first time is the only option.

Rigorous environmental studies contribute to determining constraints and opportunities, identifying and assessing likely impacts, cost-effectively minimising or mitigating those impacts, and refining environmental management plans.

At each step, from planning, construction and operation to eventually decommissioning, environmental studies must provide a return on investment.

Few mining, oil or gas operations can be developed and operated without consideration of on-site and downstream aquatic (freshwater or marine) ecosystems. From desert waterways that flow for just a few weeks a year to inshore reef systems, frc environmental has the expertise to save your time, money and reputation.

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