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Kirra Reef Biota Monitoring Program

Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus

Thalassoma lutescens

Orectolobus sp.

Dr Craig Chargulaf, diving at Kirra Reef

frc environmental have a well established relationship with the Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypass Program, having designed the Kirra Reef monitoring program in the mid 1990s.  The program has evolved over the years, with the current program using a combination of scientific divers and ROV.   Located just offshore of the surf zone, Kirra Reef poses challenges both for the plants and animals that live there, and the scientists that monitor the reef’s health: wave action results in a near constant ‘rain’ of fine sediment and storms can have catastrophic effects.  None-the-less, the reef is healthy, supporting a fascinating combination of tropical and temperate flora and fauna.

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